Is Your Email Working ?


This is a sure shot Email testing service. Now verify if your email address is working in just a few seconds. Just type your Email Address above and click send test email , Check your Mail ID next & verify if you have received the test mail. If you see our test mail , Your Email works perfectly !


Blazingly Fast !

We deliver the test mail within seconds , you never have to wait in order to verify your email working ! Get results in just a click !

Free to Use

Our tool is 100% free to use till the end of time ! Isn't it cool to have tools of such great utility for free?

Reliable results

We never falter in sending test mails , our delivery rate is 100% and you will always receive reliable results.

Need to test if your Mail ID is sending emails correctly ?

You can easily check the sending functionality of e-mail through our tool , Follow the steps below -

1. Send an email to [email protected]

2. You will automatically be replied if we recieve an email from you within a few seconds

3. If you recieve our response , it means your email is working perfectly !